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How to take taxi to Fort de France airport?

Publié par Franck dans Pratique · 14/9/2016 16:06:00
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How to take taxi to Fort de France airport?

The Martinique taxis are present at the exit of the terminal gate D. \nHere are some tips if you are tempted by this means of transport.
The advantages of Martinique taxis
Above all, we must remember that taking a taxi in Martinique is common and has many benefits. Taxi is a means of transport more used in Martinique in mainland France. It must be said, that public transport is scarce or nonexistent.
The\n main advantage of the taxi in front of your flight is that you allre \nable to extract you from the rush of travelers who choose the rental car\n (queue at the counter of car rental companies). Then the taxi is more convenient and faster to get to your accommodation (hotel, holiday etc.)

How to take taxi
Choose a taxi which the panel is illuminated, it means it is free. Once the car is located, you can sign it by raising his arm. Make sure that the meter is properly reset, to pay the right amount \n... Attention, it can be displayed a sum corresponding to the \nmanagement.
Regarding the destination, well give the place you want to go. The driver usually has a very good knowledge of a base on the island.

You will find it more difficult to find a taxi in the late afternoon, \ncorresponding to the arrival of the majority of transatlantic flights.
The other option is to book your taxi in advance, in this case, your driver will be waiting.

The price of a taxi ride in Martinique

The day rate applies from 6:00 to 19:00.
The night charge from 19:00 to 6:00.
Prices range between 0.90 and € 2.58 from km

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